Commerce Association

Commerce Association is an association formed under commerce department.

Commerce Association provides a platform for the students to exhibit their talents in various commerce oriented events and will also help them to enhance their analytical and decision making skills. The events which we offer will extend a platform to grasp team work, critical thinking, and creative learning and also to build self confidence.

The significant and major events of our association include Best Manager, Business Plan, Business Quiz, Moot Court, Marketing, Human Resource Management, Public Relation, Mock Stock, and Financial Analysis.

The finest thing of all the activities we organize are not just for the fun, they are literally related to the commerce stream and will give an exposure to the real world work experience. Apart from all these activities students are also permitted to participate and represent the college in various competitions organized by other institutions.

During the academic year 2018-19, Al students have enrolled their names in Commerce Association.



  1. To enable students to develop “off the Skills expected commerce Graduates.
  2. To act as catalyst in the process of overall development of students.
  3. To expose students to the practical aspects of business, industry and commerce.
  4. To develop team spirit among students.
  5. To develop leadership, entrepreneurial and organizing skills among the students

Working Plan:

  • Every year the proposed activity of the Commerce Association are finalized in the meeting of Commerce Association.
  • The Commerce Association consists of teachers from the Commerce Faculty and few students representing each class
  • The Calendar of annual activities are finalized in the meeting of the Association is communicated to the class representative of each class.
  • Normally the following activities can be cited as few examples of the activities of our Association:
    • Audio visual advertising competition.
    • Mock interview competition.
    • Group Discussion/ Debating/ Elocution on contemporary issue.
    • Guest Lectures.
    • Career Guidance.
    • Management and Business Quiz.
    • Industrial Visits.
    • Commerce Exhibition
    • Wall paper on the contemporary issue.
    • Hand written magazine competition
    • Letter Head Designing competition. Essay writing competition.
    • Placement Activities etc



Staff Co-ordinators:
  • Mrs. Shilparani K, Dept of Commerce
Student Officials
  1. Melita D’lema, III B.Com A
  2. Swathi N.P, III B.Com B