National Service Scheme

About National Social Service Scheme

The National Service Scheme is an Indian government-sponsored public service program conducted by the Ministry of Youth Affairs and Sports of the Government of India. Popularly known as NSS, the scheme was launched in Gandhiji’s Centenary year in 1969.

Program Officers 2019-2020:
  1. Unit -I : Mrs. Pratheeksha, Dept. of Commerce
  2. Unit -II : MS. Poornima J Gokhale, Dept of Computer Science
Student secretaries-2019-2020
  1. Manish Rao     II BCA
  2. Jayaprakash    II B.Com ‘B’
  3. Ashwitha.          II B.Com ‘B’
  4. Samanvitha.      II BSc

NSS REPORT-2018-2019

Inauguration Of NSS-2018-2019

Program Officers:
  1. Unit -I : Mrs. Pratheeksha, Dept. of Commerce
  2. Unit -II : Mrs. Babitha Naveenchandra, Dept of Computer Science
Student secretaries
  1. Varun B Shetty      II BCA
  2. Suhas                        II B.Com ‘B’
  3. Shwetha P.             II B.Com ‘B’
  4. Pooja C.                   II BCA
Date Description
5-06-2018 Meeting at NSS office and felicitation to A.N.Pujar and Prof Byrappa
21-06-2018 International Yoga day celebration in association with Pantanjali yoga Kendra [50 volunteers participated]
22-06-2016 Seminar on Sawaccha Gelathi for  NSS volunteers attended by our two NSS volunteers [Swetha and Suhas]
01-07-2018 Sawaccha Pakhawada in association with MRPL at Kaikamba [140 NSS volunteers participated]
5th and 6th July 2018 Our 60 NSS volunteers attended the workshop on Sawaccha Gelathi at Canara College, Mangalore under the scheme of Dakshina Kannada Zilla Panchayath Swaccha Mission.
07-07-2018 NSS program officer’s meeting attended by Program Officers Mrs. Pratheeksha and Mrs. Babitha Naveenchandra
09/07/2018 NSS volunteers enrollment
13/07/2018 Distribution of NSS card.
14/07/2018 Meeting at Kordabbu sana, Hosabettu regarding Swaccha Surathkal in association with RamaKrishna mutt.[35 Volunteers attended]
15-07-2018 TULU SIRI TUDE BARI (Natti program) at Pavanjee [50 NSS volunteers participated]
16-07-2018 National Social Service UNIT inauguration by Mr. Prakash Kramadhari, NSS Program Officer, Dr. G. Shankar Govt. Women’s First Grade College, Udupi.  All NSS volunteers of two units attended
17th to 23rd July 2018 Selection camp and leadership camp at Mangalore University, Konaje. Attended by our 5 volunteers [ Shwetha(II BCOM), Suhas (II BCOM), Rashmi (III BCOM), Varun (III BCOM), Manjunath (III BCOM)
22-07-2018 Swaccha Grama near Shree Raghavendra Swami Mutt by our 20 NSS volunteers
27/07/2018 PPT presentation was given by NSS Program Officer Pratheekasha at Bangalore for state award.
28-07-2018 Swaccha Gelathi program for 6to 8th standard girl students by our NSS volunteers
01-08-2018 Oath taking by all  NSS volunteers
04-08-2018 Vanamahoshthva programme planted 15 plants near by our college canteen inaugurated by Prof. Dr. Sunitha Kulakarni and Mrs. Uma
11-08-2018 Cleaning of our college Campus
15-08-2018 Independence day celebration
15-08-2018 Pencil sketch, Essay writing, Elocution competition in association with Field out -reach Bureau, Mangalore on occasion of independence day celebration
16-08-2018 Green Karnataka program in association with Forest department. Planted 35 plants by our NSS volunteers at College ground
27-08-2018 Our Volunteers participated in NSS Fest (Akruthi) at St. Agnes College and won Overall Championship
28-08-2018 Madaka Vyasana Muktha Manglore, Jagruthi Abhiyana at Mangalore attend by our 30 volunteers
01/09/2018 Training on Swaccha Surathkal program to our volunteers by Ramakrishna Mission
12/09/2018 Anti narcotics drive to our all NSS volunteers by Shri Manjunath, North Traffic police station
21/09/2018 Advisory committee meeting regarding Swaccha Surathkal attended by our program officers Mrs. Pratheeksha  and Mrs. Babitha Naveenchandra
24/09/2018 NSS Day celebration. Tuberculosis (TB) Awareness program conducted. Our all NSS volunteers attended. Resource person:- Dr. Kishore Kumar M, Deputy Chief Medical Officer, Govt. TB & Chest diseases Hospital, Mudushedde,Vamanjoor
24/09/2018 On occasion of NSS day our volunteers distributed pamphlets related to Swaccha Surathkal  to the houses and shops in and around Surathkal
02/10/2018 Our volunteers participated in  Swacchatha Rally from Hosabettu to Chithrapura
06/10/2018 Swami Vivekanda Birthday Celebration
5th and 6th Oct 2018 Krithi IIBCOM(B) attended Pre RD Selection Camp at Belagavi
12/10/2018 to

16/10 2018

State level youth festival at Dharwad won overall championship.
Participated by our volunteers Akshatha and Rithesh of II BCOM. Our NSS Program Officer Mrs. Pratheeksha Coordinated the program.
14/10/2018 Cleaning in and around Hosabettu. Service done by our 25 nss volunteers
25-10-2018 to 04/11/2018 NSS South zone Selection Camp attended by Krithi , II BCOM ‘B’ at Chikkaballapura
26-10-2018 NSS program officer’s meeting attended by Program Officers Mrs. Pratheeksha and Mrs. Babitha Naveenchandra
29-11-2018 to 5/12/2018 NSS Annual Camp at Narayana Sanil PU College [High School Section], Haleangadi
12/12/2018 & 13/12/2018 Social Service at Pavanje temple on occasion of Shashthi. Our 100 nss volunteers gave their service.
02/01/2019 Campus cleaning on account of Yakshayana
03/01/2019 Vichara Sankiran by Chaithra H. III BCOM’B’
5th and 6th Jan 2019 Our 60 NSS volunteers served under food committee on occasion of Yakshayana
13/01/2019 Swaccha Surathkal near flyover. Our 25 nss students done cleaning work.
16-01-2019 Our NSS volunteers participated in Srujana Fest in Canara College and won Overall Prize [Ist in SKIT, Speech, Dance]
13/01/2019 Swaccha Bharath program. Cleaning done under flyover and started doing warli art on the walls of flyover
23/01/2018 NSS Award Ceremony at Mangalore university. Our NSS unit won NSS University level Award and Program Officer Mrs. Pratheeksha won Best NSS Officer award.
23/01/2018 Workshop on Parliament Reading, organized by Mangalore university  and Bangalore University. Attended by Program officers Mrs. Pratheeksha and Mrs. Babitha Naveenchandra. One of our NSS volunteer Samnvitha I BSC attended the program
26/01/2019 Our proud NSS volunteer Ms. Krithi, II BCOM ‘B’ Represented Karnataka State in RD PARADE held at NEW DELHI.
26th to 27th jan 2019 Our NSS volunteers served their service in Kadri park on occasion of pala pushpa pradhrshana
27-01-2018 Swaccha Bharath program. Near Surathkal Bus stand cleaning done by our volunteers. And Swacchatha awareness pamphlets are distributed
29th to 30th Jan 2019 Dr. Ambedkar Vichara Sankiran held at Govt College Hiriyadka, Udupi attended by our Program officer Mrs. Pratheeksha and our three volunteers Pooja [c], II BCA , Yajnesh I BCOM [B] , Vaishak I BCOM [B]
29th Jan 2019 to

4th Feb 2019

Our two Volunteers Manish I BCA and Bindiya  I BCOM attended NIC camp at Dr. G Shankar Women’s Govt. College, Udupi
03-02-2019 Swaccha Bharath program near Chithrapura temple.
15/02/2019 At Deralakatte Blood donation by our students [Anushree IIIBCOM ‘B’, Koushik I BA, Amit I BA, Deekshith III BCOM ‘A’, Abhishekh I BCOM ‘A’, Aneesh I BCOM ‘A’
16/02/2019 Swatch Bharath at Chithrapura. Our  30 volunteers participated.
21/02/2019 Our 20 volunteers did service in food section of Lakshya Fest-2019
23/02/2019 ‘Swaccha Soch’ program

Resource persons: Dr. Rajmohan Rao and Ranjan Bellampadi

Chief guest: Gopinath Rao

Our all NSS volunteers are attended the program

24/02/2019 Swatch bharath abhiyana near Thadambail. Our 30 volunteers participated
02/03/2019 Under our NSS Units organized one day university level workshop on “Dr. B.R. Ambedkar Vicharadhare hagu mathadana da arivu “

Including some of our NSS volunteers and other college volunteers [Total 175 volunteers] are participated.

Resource person 1: Prof. Rajarama Tholapadi, director , Neharu chithana Kendra, Mangalore University, Mangalore.

Topic: Ambedkar Rajakiya Chithane

Resource Person 2: Dr. Ashalatha, Asst. Professor Govinda Dasa College, Surathkal

Topic: Ambedkar matthu Prajaprabhuthva

Resource Person 3:

Smt. Aathradi Amrutha Shetty,

Topic : Hindu Kodubill hagu Mahila hakkugalu

2/03/2019 Our 4 volunteers participated in one day workshop at MGM college “Mahile – Maha Ille”
7/3/2019 “Power of Women” one day workshop at Roshni Nilaya. Our 9 volunteers participated.

NSS REPORT-2017-2018

Inauguration Of NSS-2017-2018

Program Officers:
  1. Unit -I : Mrs. Pratheeksha, Dept. of Commerce
  2. Unit -II : Mrs. Babitha Naveenchandra, Dept of Computer Science
Student secretaries
  1. Srinivas Rao           II BCOM ‘B’
  2. Shashank                II B.A.
  3. Chaithra                  II B.Com ‘B’
  4. Nisha                        II BSc
Date Description
20-06-2017 NSS Enrollment program of first year students
21-06-2017 Celebration of International yoga day in association with Sahaj yoga samaja
1-7th July 2017 One week Leadership camp and selection camp attended by following students at Mangalore university,  Konaje [1st July 2017 to 7th July 2017]
Deeksha M. Shetty, Allan, Chaithra, Srinivas Rao
1-7th July 2017 NSS Program officers training organized by ETI Mysore held at Mysore University, Mysore From 1st July 2017 to 7th July 2017 Attended by Mrs. Babitha Naveenchandra, NSS officer
5-07-2017 15 Students sent to Wenlock hospital for Blood donation camp oraganized by Red Cross.  Shashank ,Srinivas got prize for slogan writing related to blood donation.
5-07-2017 Cultural programme given by NSS volunteers held at Naga Brmhasthan , Bala
13-07-2017 Inauguration of NSS Activities for 2017-2018. Inaugurator Prof Jagadish Bala
14-07-2017 64 students sent to town hall for “Water For Forest” programme
17-07-2017 Talk on various Scholarships available for student By Mr. Chandrashekar. S
18-07-2017 Vanamahothsava programme
22-07-2017 Swatcha Surathkal in association with MRPL
23-07-2017 Nati Prathyakshathe [Tulu siri tude bari] at Pavanje
25-07-2017 Free dental camp conducted in association Yenopoya Dental Science
29-07-2017 10 students sent to Ramakrishna College for NSS Inauguration
31-07-2017 A) NSS Annual meeting attended by NSS programme officers Mrs. Pratheeksha and Mrs. Babitha Naveenchandra

B) Attended BLS and First AID training at NITTE by  programme officers Mrs. Pratheeksha and Mrs. Babitha Naveenchandra

31-07-2017 Swatch Bharath Street Play done in Surathkal and katipalla by NSS students
2-08-2017 Swacha Bharath pledge and cleaning of college Campus
07-08-2017 Ramya and Buvra donated the blood for replacement in Kankandy hospital
14-08-2017 Cleaning of Campus on account of Independence Day
14-08-2017 Visited different schools near Mudabidri and kinnigoli to search camp site.
15-08-2017 Independence day celebration and street play by NSS volunteers.
16-08-2017 Room setting for blood donation camp
17-08-2017 Blood donation camp organized in association with Lions club manglore and KMC hospital, Attavar
18th-22nd Aug 17 Yuva janostava programme at Udupi. Two students (Chaitra H. and Supritha)  and Programme Officer Mrs. Pratheeksha participated in the camp.
20-08-2017 Amar Jawan Programme at Town Hall attended by our 74 NSS volunteers
26-08-2017 Talk on Tobacco by Dr. Praveen and free dental check up
31-08-2017 Talk by Mr. Nathesh Alva on “NSS and youth”
16-09-2017 University level RD selection. Attended by Chaithra II BCOm and Manjunath II BCOM. Manjunath selected for south zone and then to RD.
19-09-2017 Field work in Vidyadayini campus  and our college campus
26-09-2017 Woman Entrepreneur programme by NGO
28-09-2017 Seminar on youth and Gandhi thoughts 10 volunteers attended and won the prize
01-09-2017 Tannirbhavi beach cleaning in association with Indian Oil Corporation Ltd.
2-10-2017 Sasihithulu beach cleaning by one team of 70 volunteers
2-10-2017 Surathkal Under Flyover cleaning in association with different organizations of surathkal
5-10-2017 Manjunath II BCOM (B) sent for Bangalore for RD Selection
14-10-2017 Integrity  pledge  by all volunteers and our staff members under Central Vigilance Commission
14-11-2017 Program on Billi Kita havali in association with agricultural department
17th  to 23rd Nov 2017 NSS special camp at Govt D.K.Z.P.G. H.P.School, Guttakadu
23-24th Nov 2017 Social Service at Pavanje Subramanya temple, on occasion of Shashti
29th Nov 2017 50 volunteers attended ‘Chathrumukha Yuva manasugala  samvada’ at town hall organized by Yavavahini, Mangalore
28th December 2017  Manjunath of II BCOM ‘B’   went to Delhi for RD Parade one month  training. He representing Karnataka state in RD PARADE
11th Jan 2018 ‘Parisara manana’ workshop and PEMS registration at Roshni Nilaya of Social Work organized by NSS, Mangalore University attended by NSS programme officers Mrs. Pratheeksha and Mrs. Babitha Naveenchandra
12th Jan 2018 Celebrated Youth Day
13th Jan 2018 Supritha Rao, II BCOM and Shruthi Rao , I BCOM participated in quiz competition at ‘Divas center’ Thokkotu on occasion  of Youth day
14th Jan 2018 Our 35 NSS volunteers participated in ‘SWACHH BHARATH’ at Tannir bhavi in association with D.K. Youth  RED CROSS Wing  and Mangalore University
16th JAN 2018 Our NSS unit participated in ‘SRUJANA 2018’ at Canara First Grade College and won Over all Prize. [Dance –I prize, poster painting –I prize, face painting –I prize, Song –II Prize, Street play –II Prize, Speech –II Prize
19th Jan 2018 Our NSS volunteers cleaned the Old canteen room and kept ready for the dental clinic.
22nd Jan 2018 Preparation for the Kannada Sahithya Sammelana 2018.
23rd Jan 2018 Our NSS volunteers are participated in the procession of Kannada Sahithya Sammelana in our college and also did volunteering work in all sections.

NSS REPORT 2016-17

Program Officers:
  1. Unit -I : Mrs. Pratheeksha, Dept. of Commerce
  2. Unit -II : Mr. Pradeep Ananda Shetty, Dept of Commerce
Student secretaries
  1. Pooja                   II BCOM ‘B’
  2.  Chinmay           II B.Com ‘B’
  3. Divaspathi        II B.Sc.
  4.                               II BA
Date Description
14th July 2016 Elocution and drawing competition on  occasion of vanamahoshava in association with Forest department on
16th July-2016 Vanamahoshava in association with Forest Department
18th July 2016 Distribution of plants
30th July 2016 Field work near Vidyadayinee School
17th July 2016 NSS Field work and vanamahoshava in association with JCI, Katipalla near Kodikere, Kulai
13th August 2016 Clean GDC on occasion of Independence Day
15th August 2016 Independence Day celebrations on
23rd August 2016 Napkin destroyer demonstration program which is  donated by JCI
October 2nd 2016 Swatch Bharath On occasion of Gandhi Jayanthi  near surathkal area in association with different organizations
14th October 2016 Workshop on Digital India
22nd November to 29th November’2016 NSS Annual CAMP 2016-2017 at Government School Nirkere, Tenkameejaru
24th November 2016 Health check up in association with srinivas hospital near tenkameejaru
27th November 2016 Clean Meejaru by our  NSS Volunteers. 100 volunteers participated in that event.
14th -20th December 2016 National Integration camp attended by two students Vrinda Konnar and Sathyamoorthi in Jarkand
  Won Over all Championship in Srujan-2K17 at Canara First Grade College
  National integration camp from 3rd January to 9th  January  2017  attended by Prathana
21st January 2017 “We and Values” by Nama Nishtha Das