Science Laboratories

The Bachelor of Science course requires students to complete certain number of hours in the science laboratories and conduct several experiments required by the syllabus.

The Laboratories at GDC are as follows:

Physics Laboratory:

The physics laboratory is a 600 sq. ft. floor area used for experimental work along with audio visual classes.

  • The Physics lab explores various experiments that demonstrate, study several phenomena and formulae that are a consequence of physics. The plethora of apparatus and devices meant for the purpose of studying concepts in the field of mechanics, thermodynamics, electronics etc.
  • A Optical Experiment room aka. Dark room is available exclusively to conduct various experiments based on light. The dark rooms houses instruments that can be used to conduct various optical experiments along with several spectral lamps and experimental light sources, to learn and verify various optical phenomena.
  • The laboratory is also equipped with a mounted projector and presentation system and can host visually aided talks and lectures. This enables the department to also screen science documentaries for the students.
  • The physics lab along with the experimental syllabus also promotes amateur astronomy and conducts regular sunspot views and sky watch programs. For this purpose, the laboratory consists of a 8” Dobsonian Mount Reflector Telescope and a 3” Refractor Telescope, both powered by tracker systems.

The laboratory is also used to demonstrate concepts that are not included in practical syllabus but are required in theory.

The students are also actively involved in building models and apparatus for competition and demonstration purposes.

Chemistry Laboratory: